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Recruiting Services

A college recruiting video is an essential piece to the high school student-athlete's total profile. Done correctly, this video will show game and skills footage of the player in a variety of situations so the coach can properly evaluate their athletic ability. It is just a piece of the entire recruiting process, but if not properly produced it can significantly diminish the attention that the individual receives.

BirdsEyeSports has been at the forefront of digital sports production for the last 12 years, and we are a trusted source to help you create a proper, professional college recruiting film. Check out some of our samples above.

A recruiting video usually includes professional game filming of a miimum of 3-5 games. Many clients get enough proper footage from that many games, and others wish to have the full season filmed. Our fees to create a recruiting film depend on the number of games that we film, but a typical client pays for 5 games at $225 per game and then $350 for the editing of plays from each game, and compilation of the entire video. Final costs normally end up being around or even under $1,500. Considering what is at stake it a college scholarship is possible, it is a modest investment.

A great number of our clients are not event student-athletes who are in the running for a college scholarship, but are often good solid players who are also outstanding students, but just need college coaches at all levels to recognize their abilities and successfully recruit them to play sports at their given college or university.